CD DVD Duplication

Denver's Best CD DVD Duplication FacilityCD DVD Duplication is the process that physically burns the content onto recordable media such as CD-R or DVD-R. CD DVD Duplication is ideal for quick turns on low volume projects. Typical Duplication run quantities are under 500 CDs or DVDs. Your duplicated discs are printed with our Ink-Jet Printers, again ideal for smaller duplication projects. Your product is burned and printed quickly and efficiently every time.

CD DVD Duplication differs from CD DVD Replication in the sense Duplication physically burns the master’s content onto recordable media. Where Replication molds the disc and stamps the master’s content onto the CD or DVD.

dBM Productions uses ONLY the highest quality material during our Duplication process, as is the case with all of our processes. From the highest quality CDs and DVDs, to the top of the line duplication equipment, paired with our packaging and shipping options. dBM Productions is the only duplication facility you will need.

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